Celebrity Homes & Amazing Architecture

These are some of the most iconic, beautiful & coveted homes in the desert.

Best homes to see in Palm Springs

Amazing Homes in Palm Springs

Despite the beautiful scenery and endless activities, Palm Springs California also has amazing architecture scattered throughout the area. Simply going for a drive and experiencing all the breathtaking designs and views can prove to be a great afternoon for the whole family.

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The desert modern architecture and the distance from L.A has also made the area a playground for the famous. From the modern celebrity marvels the Kardashians, to vintage-era Rat Packers, to lesser known but rich and interesting business people, many of the famous call Palm Springs home… or at least have a getaway house here!

Celebrity Homes Palm Springs

Marilyn’s chic getaway: Swiss Miss Houses

Situated in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs, the Swiss Miss Houses are especially unique because of their “A-frame” roofs.

Just 15 of these homes were ever built and today they’re treasured by owners and preservationists—and tourists!—alike. The houses were designed by architect Charles DuBois and built in the 1950’s. Though the inspiration behind the design is not known for sure, it is thought he may have been influenced by Switzerland’s ski chalets.

The houses are only one story, but they boast 18-foot glass walls. The standard 2,600 square foot layout includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms on about a half an acre of land. The frame covers the entire residence, including the porches and terraces. Notable past residents of some of the Swiss Miss Houses include Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins, and Dean Martin.

Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Residence

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A view you can only get on a private tour.

Perhaps one of the most popular homes in Palm Springs is Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Residence. Designed by E. Stewart Williams in the late 1940’s, it is widely believed this home was the inspiration for other unique architecture in the Palm Springs area.

Sinatra initially wanted a Georgian-style home, but Williams encouraged him to be more responsive to his environment and to allow him to design a home that could bring the desert life into it more; think huge windows, and low rooflines.

Perhaps the most popular story about the residence is the saga of how Sinatra had a fight with his then-girlfriend, Ava Gardner, and on of therm threw a champagne bottle, leaving a crack in one of the bathroom sinks that is still there today.

The residence can now be rented out for parties, corporate events, and functions, so it’s not a home in the way Frank lived in it any more.
Among other features, the 4,500 square foot house has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool shaped like a piano. Located at 1145 E Vía Colusa in Palm Springs, guests can rent the house out starting at $2,200 per night. You can take a drive past this iconic home, but tall walls mean there’s not much to see, and you’ll have to be happy with viewing the plaque out front.

Edris House: views over the valley from this iconic home

Also designed by E. Stewart Williams, the Edris House still features everything it had at the time of its building in 1953 —other than new carpet and furniture.

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is situated on a sprawling 26,470 square foot lot and features a spa, pool, and fireplace.

The roof is separated from the walls by steel beams, which provides excellent views and a feeling that the house is even bigger. Williams’ style was very “natural” in that he wanted to build things that originated from the Earth. Applying these principals to Edris House he made use of the indigenous landscape including local stones and Douglas fir.

In 2016, the Edris House earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Famous Homes in Palm Springs


Back in 1946, department store tycoon Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr. was looking for a place to escape to during the freezing cold winters on the East Coast. Kaufmann already had several remarkable homes at the time, including the Fallingwater home in Pittsburg that he had employed the well known architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build.

It is rumored there was some tension when Kaufmann chose Austrian architect Richard Neutra to build the Kaufmann House instead of Wright; however, it turned out to be a good choice because the Kaufmann House is one of the most notable homes in Palm Springs.

Located at 470 West Vista Chino, the house was built very intelligently and perfectly places five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house has four “wings” perpendicular to the center living space that lead to other rooms including bedrooms, a carport, bathrooms, a kitchen, and more.

Also an intelligent option, Neutra designed built-in, adjustable fins that can protect the house from sandstorms and heat. And since it’s a famous Palm Springs home, it’s no surprise that celebrity singer and entertainer Barry Manilow owned the home until 1993.

The Kardashians’ Palm Springs Home, with famous golfer for a neighbor

The Kardashians are known for living extravagant lives, and their La Quinta-area home in Greater Palm Springs home is no exception.

A family trust purchased the Madison Club home for $12 million in August of 2018.

The Madison Club is a quiet yet pricey community that has one of the top ranked golf courses in the nation, so it’s no wonder that golf pro Phil Mickelson also owns a home here.

The Kardashian house was previously owned by Sylvester Stallone and boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms placed within 11,000 square feet—plenty of room for lots of Kardashians and their kids.

The home features a pool, several fireplaces, and great views. It seems like other than the Coachella festival, the community is low-key and therefore residents are not too thrilled about their new high-profile neighbors.

Must-see Houses Palm Springs

Leonardo Dicaprio’s House: Dinah Shore’s former home at 432 Hermosa

Visitors who love the movie Titanic and are in the Palm Springs area oftentimes stop in to see 432 Hermosa, which is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Palm Springs estate.

Designed by Donald Wexler in 1964, the home was originally built for legendary singer/actress Dinah Shore. The home is designed with mid-century modern interiors and walls of glass so that guests can soak in the wonderful views.

The six bedroom, 7.5 bathroom house sits on approximately 1.3 acres of land and has plenty of space to entertain both indoors and outdoors thanks to the dining room, cocktail bar, multiple terraces, pool, and tennis court. The house is now used for vacations or functions and can be rented out for $4,500 per night.

Best architecture in Palm Springs

Elvis Presley honeymoon hideaway house of tomorrow

Photo by Modern Tours Palm Springs

Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Hideaway (The House of Tomorrow)

Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Hideaway estate, also known as The House of Tomorrow, can be found at 1350 Ladera Circle in Palm Springs.

Although accounts differ, most historians believe that construction guru Robert Alexander was the mastermind behind this home in the 1960s. The Honeymoon Hideaway sits at the bottom of the San Jacinto Mountains and can host a whopping 180 guests.

The name is derived from the fact that Elvis and his wife, Priscilla, opted for a “staycation” at this home rather than a destination honeymoon. One of the most interesting bits about the house is that it was built as four circles instead of using straight lines.

The three-story home offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and huge entertainment areas. The kitchen is immaculate, as it has a plethora of cabinets, five burners, a huge refrigerator, and an indoor grill.

Most of the walls are made out of natural stone and there are numerous floor-to-ceiling windows all throughout the home.

The pool behind the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, a waterfall, a tennis court, a fruit orchard, and more. Of course, staying true to its name, the Honeymoon Hideaway has Elvis Presley memorabilia lining the hallways.

How to get close to Bob Hope House

Boasting perhaps some of the most unique architecture in the area, the Bob Hope House at 2466 Southridge Drive has been compared to volcanoes, UFOs, and other space-related objects due to its unique copper roof slopes that are supported by a huge circular shell.

In typical fancy Palm Springs fashion, the home has three entrances that have huge curved glass windows that showcase beautiful views of the Coachella Valley and San Jacinto Mountains.

Architect John Lautner was hired to build the home in 1973 and it would become his largest house, ending up at 23,366 square feet. It has ten bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, tennis courts, pools, a waterfall, and more spread out over six acres of land. The house sold for $13 million in 2016, down from the $50 million asking price when it was listed in 2013.

The best way to view it is to hike the moderate Araby trail, which winds around below the home before climbing to give you a decent bird’s eye view.

Palm Springs movie shoot locations

Elrod House: made famous by James Bond 007

In true John Lautner fashion, the Elrod House at 2175 Southridge Drive also has full views of the surrounding mountains and the valley. Segments of the roof were even cut out and replaced with glass to provide more light and better views.

The legendary interior designer Arthur Elrod commissioned Lautner to build the home in 1968, and it was partially made from the nature on the property. This includes rocks that existed there prior to building and, most notably, a slew of concrete scattered throughout.

Other than the massive amount of natural resources this house was built with and the fact that its pool appeared in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, perhaps the most intriguing and unique feature of this home is the carpet in the master bedroom, which is made of goat hair.

Seeing as the Elrod House was designed and built by both one of the best construction tycoons and one of the best interior designers, it comes as no surprise that this house is epic.

If you’re in Palm Springs and you’re tired from all of the shopping and outdoors fun, take a drive throughout the neighborhoods within the city and you are certain to see just a fraction of the amazing architecture and famous celebrity homes in Palm Springs.

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