Enjoy Palm Springs on two wheels!

Your definitive guide to cycling in Palm Springs and area.

Palm Springs Cycling Guide

Palm Springs cycling biking guideBiking is one of the greatest outdoor activities in existence, and what better place to ride a bike is there than the beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, California? If you’re planning on going out for a ride in the area, either with your own bike or a rented one, here are some options and tips that can help you get the best cycling experience.

Is Palm Springs Good for Biking?

Palm Springs is great for biking, regardless if you are an avid speed cyclist or just enjoy getting out and experiencing the fantastic outdoors during a gentle bike ride. Not only is there sunshine approximately 300 days out of the year, but the scenery and architecture are also unmatchable. The city of Palm Springs has also made accommodations to attract and maintain cyclists year-round, which include well-marked bike paths and ways for cyclists to avoid the busiest roads during their adventures.

Palm Springs is also extremely unique in that there are three bicycle repair stations in the city where riders can find tools like air pumps that they may need if their bikes are having issues. These are open to the public and are located at the Palm Springs Public Library, Demuth Park, and the Palm Springs Visitor Center. Various bike shops such as Palm Springs Cyclery will also give you free biking tips as well as Palm Springs bike maps.

What is the Palm Springs Citywide Bike Loop?

It is not often you come across a city that has a huge, connected piece of infrastructure specifically made for biking. The Palm Springs Citywide Loop is one-of-a-kind and offers 20 miles of cyclist-friendly paths that allow bike riders views of everything from historical homes and buildings to beautiful, open scenery. This special loop covers many of the other popular bike trails in the city including the Downtown Loop, the Las Palmas Loop, and the Deepwell Loop.

Best Bike Trails in Palm Springs

If you’re looking for a quick route, the 2-mile Downtown Bike Loop may be a great option, as you can really observe the bustling downtown area while taking in some fresh air. The 3-mile Las Palmas Loop is a cannot-miss, too, as cyclists pass some of the most incredible houses to ever be built in the region. Similarly, the 4-mile Deepwell Loop is a good way to see some of the older, earlier-built homes and buildings. A less populated trail that is also amazing is the 37-mile Whitewater Preserve Route, which takes cyclists through North Palm Springs all the way into Whitewater. In addition, the 3.5-mile Tahquitz Bikeway can take you towards Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage and the 4.5-mile Canyon Country Club Tour takes you around a ritzy residential area on the south side of Palm Springs.

What are the best bike tours in Greater Palm Springs? 

Visitors absolutely love to tour Palm Springs thanks to its endless beauty and unforgettable architecture. Bike tours are a great way to see the sights while getting some exercise, and luckily there are several different options in the area.

One such tour is Modern Tours Palm Springs’s brand new Bike Tour. The 10-mile round trip bike ride allows riders to take in houses of famous people including Leonardo DiCaprio and Frank Sinatra while also seeing popular pieces of art and even a building constructed based on Brutalism, which is considered a post-war modernism style. The tour offers voice narration about each location plus original photos of them plus random, fun tidbits about mid-century modern architecture in general. The $49.99 self-guided tour starts and ends near Palm Canyon Drive and typically takes between two and a half and three hours.

The Palm Springs Historical Society is a great resource when you’re in the area and it even offers its own bike tours. Visitors are provided with bikes, helmets, and ear pieces for the live guide’s narration. Some of the most popular homes and buildings are stops on this tour, and the guide provides tour-goers with intriguing stories regarding the history of Palm Springs and the people who made the city what it is today. The Palm Springs Historical Society has different bike tours to choose from; however, they must be booked online, as the available days and times vary. Typically, only one tour per day is offered and riders must stay with their groups at all times. These adventures typically cost $65 and last about three hours.

Bike Palm Springs Rentals and Tours also has solid offerings, and rugged terrain lovers may enjoy using companies like Big Wheel Tours.

Tips for Biking in the Desert

Saguaro hotelWhile there aren’t many things comparable to riding in the beautiful Palm Springs sunshine, it is still the desert and therefore it can get hot! A common rule of doing “outdoors-y” activities including biking and hiking is to always take more water than you think you need. While you might not need a lot, it is better to have too much than too little. Sunscreen is also key even on days when there is some slight overcast, as it protects your skin from sunburn and even works to prevent skin cancer. Of course, sunglasses and a hat can also protect you from the sun.

Especially if you are biking in a more remote desert area, always have a paper map to rely on in case technology fails. Many visitors centers and related establishments can provide you with maps, oftentimes at no costs. Of course, a GPS tracker is also a great option. Overall, the desert is vast but as long as you are prepared, you will not get lost and you will have an amazing time in the great outdoors of Palm Springs.