Wondering what to expect on a Palm Springs Driving tour?

See celebrity homes, famous architecture, and iconic buildings—all from the safety and comfort of your own car.

Palm Springs Driving tour: What to expect

driving tour palm springsIf you’ve never taken a self-driving tour, it’s definitely time to do so, and there is no better place for one than Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs has some of the greatest mid-century modern architecture you could ever find, and it is worth going sightseeing for a day. ModernToursPalmSprings.com has numerous tour options and you are guaranteed to find a good Palm Springs driving tour that you and your friends or family will enjoy. All of the tours are multimedia with audio, photos, write-ups and driving directions. If you’re looking for a Palm Springs Driving Tour, here’s what to expect.

Palm Springs Driving Tour: What to expect

Driving tours are excellent for obvious reasons including the fact that you are in your own safe vehicle without strangers, and you can go at your own pace. Unlike a set tour or group tour, you can stop for a bite whenever you want and start back right where you left off. Being in your own car also allows you to stop and get out of the car at specific points in your journey if you’d like a photo or just a closer look at a specific place. Skip whichever spots don’t interest you, and spend more time at those that do. Plus, by using your own car, you know its cleanliness and use history so there’s less of a concern about sanitation or spreading germs.

Air conditioned comfort; or grab the convertible!

A driving tour through Palm Springs definitely beats walking tours in the summers seeing as cars have air conditioning and can keep you cool in the desert heat.

Driving tours of Palm Springs from ModernToursPalmSprings.com are very well set up, and even if it’s your first time in the area and you’re unfamiliar with architectural styles, they are very informative and easy to follow. A lot of research has been done into the history and architecture of the area, so you know the audio information is legitimate, full of facts, and detailed. Palm Springs has a rich history with a lot of unique, entertaining stories, especially stories of things renowned celebrities did decades ago, and the driving tours cover all of these. Audio can be listened to through your phone, tablet, car speakers, or Bluetooth speaker.

driving tour palm springsSee the best architectural sights on a driving tour & learn fun facts too

Aside from audio, each driving tour comes with written descriptions and photos of each stop along the way. You can also find fun facts and stories about each place. The tours are fun but also very educational and take adventurers back in time to explore the history of each stop on the tour. When you’re ready to move on, Google Maps will direct you to the next destination.

Celebrity Driving Tour: safe in your vehicle

A Palm Springs driving tour will hit all of the coolest and unforgettable spots in the area. For example, certain tours offered by ModernToursPalmSprings.com will educate you about the Bob Hope House, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest architectural works in the area. This house has been compared to a volcano, UFOs, and other space matter because of its copper roof that is sloped and supported by a huge circular shell. It is also massive, seeing as it is spread out over more than six acres of land, and has become one of the most beloved landmarks in Palm Springs today.

driving tour palm springs, bob hope houseA tour may also take you to the Leonardo DiCaprio house, which boasts classic mid-century modern architecture that has stood the test of time. There is even a tour specifically for Celebrity Homes, so you can see these two homes as well as the famous homes of 10 additional celebrities. You can also opt for a tour that will take you to commercial business buildings that have a unique architectural design and/or a large influence on the Palm Springs area (view Modern Homes & Buildings Tour). A new Palm Canyon Drive Walking Tour is also underway.

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ModernToursPalmSprings.com even offers a downloadable “Seriously Selfie” Tour that will take you to the best spots for an Instagram photo and a Door Tour that will take you to see various colorful, modernist doors. Most tours take around 90 minutes, although this will vary for everyone seeing as some groups go at a faster pace than others. Regardless, taking a Palm Springs driving tour is fun for everyone of all ages and lets you see famous landmarks while learning some history.