Best pet-friendly things to do in Palm Springs

If you want to bring your pup, these are the places to consider.

Pet-Friendly Tours and Things to Do in Palm Springs

Best pet friendly, dog friendly things to do, tours palm springsEvery activity from a thrilling adrenaline-inducing excursion to relaxing on the sofa has one thing in common – it’s better with a pet! Of course, you can never go wrong with spending time in Palm Springs, either, so why not make it even better and bring along a furry friend? Here are the best pet-friendly things to do in Palm Springs.  Some options, like checking out the local dog parks are easy, but there are businesses in Palm Springs that cater to those traveling with pets.

Visit an off-leash Dog Park

If your pet is a dog and loves big, open spaces where he or she can run around and enjoy the beautiful Palm Springs weather, University Dog Park at 74802 University Park Drive is a fantastic option specifically made for you. Open from the time the sun comes up to 11:00 PM, the 2.4-acre park is free to use every day. There are separate parks for large dogs and small dogs, a water fountain, restrooms, and pavilions where you can have a picnic while your dog plays. There are other great dog parks too, depending where you’re based; Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs Civic Centre all have off leash parks.

Best pet friendly, dog friendly things to do, tours palm springs

Stroll Palm Springs Village Fest

The Palm Springs Village Fest is held every Thursday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (October through May) and 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (June through September) and is very pet-friendly. Located at the intersection of E. Tahquitz Canyon Way and S. Palm Canyon Drive, the street is blocked off for the event and it hosts dozens of vendor booths where you can buy everything from food and clothes to accessories and art. Of course, your pet may luck out and find a vendor who sells treats, too!

Take a Pet-friendly Tour with Modern Tours Palm Springs

Walking and driving tours have become increasingly more popular throughout the past few years, and if you’re wanting to take a tour in your own car or on foot with your pet, look no farther than Modern Tours Palm Springs. All tours are dog-friendly since they happen in your vehicle, on your bike or on foot, so you can always have your pet with you.

driving tour palm springsTours include a variety of walking and driving tours where you can see the most popular modernist buildings and/or celebrity homes. The tours provide little-known information about the area and also teach tour-goers about its history and architecture. Modern Tours Palm Springs is also developing a MidMod bike tour for cycling enthusiasts, which means you can put your cute furry friend in a basket and take him or her on a bike ride throughout the town.

Dine with the dog at Boozehounds Palm Springs

A newer casual, pet-friendly establishment you don’t want to miss is Boozehounds Palm Springs, whose motto is “where dogs bring their humans.” Located at 2080 N. Palm Canyon Drive, the 7,000 square foot venue was founded by Jimmy McGill and Steve Piacenza simply due to their love of dogs. Along with a cabana bar and open-air patio, Boozehounds also has an indoor dining room, a full bar, and a lounge that shows off the amazing views of the surrounding area.

Best pet friendly, dog friendly things to do, tours palm springsThe food menu has numerous options ranging from American fare like a burger to Japanese cuisine like tteokbokki. Drinks include cocktails, beers, and wines, and you can enjoy discounted food and drink options during Happy Hour every single day from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Spencer’s Restaurant

If you and your pet are looking for an upscale and elegant dining experience, Spencer’s Restaurant has a fantastic pet-friendly patio. While the restaurant is closed Tuesdays and Wednesday, it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner the rest of the week aside from Sundays, when you can get brunch from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. The food and drink menus are expansive, meaning everyone in your party can find something appealing to them. Spencer’s has won many awards for its food, drink, and atmosphere, so it’s one you and your pet don’t want to miss.


If dessert is your pet’s favorite meal, Kreem is a fantastic place to go. Serving homemade ice creams (including vegan ones!), the small ice cream and coffee shop has shaded benches outside where you and your furry friend can both enjoy a treat. The shop gives dogs dog-friendly ice cream with a Milkbone on top – what more could your dog ask for?! You can visit at 170 E. Palm Canyon Drive Tuesdays through Sundays from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Take a Day Trip

If you want to get out of the city for a bit to explore some of the nearby scenery, some of the best places for you to take your pet are the Pacific Crest Trail, Bear Creek Nature Trail, or Joshua Tree National Park. Nearby hideaway Idyllwild is another great spot to stop and the Idyll Awhile Wine Shoppe Bistro has a pet-friendly patio where you can take a break and enjoy some wine. Of course, there are many other areas to explore, too!

Best pet friendly, dog friendly things to do, tours palm springs

Top Dog Questions about Palm Springs

Wherever you might be, considering, taking your pet, please call and verify with each venue and location in advance. It’s very important you know whether or not your pet will be able to accompany you, since leaving a dog inside a car in any location in the Coachella Valley is incredibly dangerous. This is a desert environment and temperatures can be extreme both in the outdoors and even more so inside any vehicle. Safety first! Never leave your dog in a vehicle in Palm Springs.

No dogs or other pets allowed in Coachella Valley Preserve as they disturb wildlife. Whitewater Preserve allows dogs, but you are required to clean up after them. Oh… you meant the music festival? In short, no. Don’t take your dog to a festival unless you know for a fact dogs are allowed. Large, multi-day festival-style concert events like Coachella, (and Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza) have a strict no-pet policy, excluding service dogs.
Joshua Tree National Park offers many great areas to explore on a dog-friendly visit. Leashed pets are allowed as long as they remain within 100 feet (30.5 m) of roads, picnic areas, and campgrounds.
Sadly not.  Only service animals are allowed on the tram. The State Park also restricts pets to service animals.
The truth is the desert can be a dangerous place for pets. From creatures to cacti, there are different kinds of hazards here many visitors may be unaware of. Rattlesnakes may alert humans to keep a safe distance, but most pets are unaware of the danger. Spiny cactus, sharp plants and hot pavement or uneven ground surfaces can be painful or damaging to your pet’s bare foot pads. The Goats’s Head Thorn can also be a nasty desert surprise as it’s sharp hooks sink into skin and hold there. Fortunately they are easily removed.
Desert heat and dryness can dehydrate both pets and humans very quickly. If you are going hiking with your pet, don’t forget to bring enough water not just for yourself, but for your dog too.