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How to see the most popular homes in Palm Springs

Touring Homes in Palm Springs: What to Know and Where to Go

There are endless things to do in California, but by far one of the best activities is viewing and touring homes in Palm Springs. The area’s architecture is like no other, and visitors are typically quite impressed with the homes and buildings in the Coachella valley. Here is what to know and where to go if you are thinking about venturing out to experience Palm Springs and its magnificent architecture.

Can I tour homes in Palm Springs?

The short answer – Yes, absolutely! Many wonderful exteriors are on view 24/7.

There are various ways to view the amazing homes scattered throughout Palm Springs. Modern Tours Palm Springs offers a Celebrity MEGA Tour, which offers views of houses that have been home to stars like Frank Sinatra and Leonardo DiCaprio. The Modernism 101 Tour takes you to hidden gems that are less well known but even more amazing. Regardless which Palm Springs celebrity home tour you take, you will definitely enjoy taking in the views of the places the rich and famous have called home. Modern Tours Palm Springs also offers biking tours in Palm Springs and walking tours of Palm Springs so there are myriad ways to see famous homes here.

Can I go inside houses in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs Modernism Week is popular the world over for many amazing reasons, one of which that certain homes are open to the public for a fee. These include cannot-miss homes like the Alexander Estate (also known as the House of Tomorrow), which is where Elvis and Priscilla Presley stayed for their honeymoon back in 1967. So if you wonder if you can go inside Elvis’ house in Palm Springs, the answer is… sometimes! The Frey II House is another gem, as visitors are allowed to walk through the home that architect Albert Frey lived in himself. Another fantastic option offered in 2023 was a tour of the inside of Kirk and Anne Douglas Estate, which was designed by renowned architect Donald Wexler.

Where are all the cool houses in Palm Springs?

It would be impossible to list out all of the cool houses in the Palm Springs area, but there are a few that really stand out.

One home that visitors cannot miss in the area is the mid-century dwelling at 447 West Mariscal Road. Once inhabited by “Rat Pack” member Dean Martin, the so-called “Dino’s Den” is easy to spot on the street and has all of the mid-century modern features one would expect, including floor-to-ceiling glass walls and perfectly placed trees, rocks, and adornments.

The Old Las Palmas Neighborhood is also home to one of the coolest houses in Palm Springs, known as Casa Elizabeth (after Elizabeth Taylor, who owned it) and “The Jewel of the Desert.” The home still has a slew of Taylor’s artwork, which includes the acclaimed portrait of her that was completed by Andy Warhol. The property also features three “casitas” where guests can stay, a huge courtyard, and an observation deck.

One of the most discussed homes in Palm Springs is the Twin Palms Estate, also known as Frank Sinatra’s house. The property is over 4,500 square feet and was designed by E. Stewart Williams, who would become one of the most renowned mid-century modern architects to ever live. Much of the house’s features have been preserved over the decades, including the popular piano-shaped swimming pool and various old portraits, primarily of celebs who were famous in and around the 1950’s.

An old post card featuring the Bob Hope house.

Bob Hope also had an amazing home in Palm Springs at 2466 Southridge Drive which is in a gated community and not accessible to the public, though it is visible from a distance. Now known as the Hope Residence, the home offers wide, panoramic views of the entire surrounding areas thanks to its unique shape, which looks similar to a spaceship or a mushroom. Architect John Lautner was the mastermind behind this house, which features ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. One of the most unique features of the home is the skylight in the center, which allows in a lot of natural light – a feature that is typical of the mid-century modern design. The house has been slightly remodeled over the years, but the main features have reportedly stayed the same.

If you’d like to inquire about how to see the best celebrity homes in Palm Springs, send Modern Tours Palm Springs an e-mail and we can recommend the best tour for you.

Did Frank Lloyd Wright build a house in Palm Springs?

While Frank Lloyd Wright himself is not credited with building a house in Palm Springs, various structures are believed to be based on his architectural style. This includes the Del Marcos Hotel, which features 17 rooms and an open-space, U-shaped courtyard that gives off a sense of community.

Mostly, however, Wright is linked to Palm Springs due to the famous Kaufmann House (more on that later). Wright had designed the so-called Fallingwater House that is located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania for Edgar J. Kaufmann ten years earlier, and Wright was offended when Kaufmann picked Richard Neutra to carry out his dream home in Palm Springs. Kaufmann, however, ultimately felt that Neutra would be better at creating the perfect design for the desert setting.

Despite not being the primary builder of any Palm Springs houses, Wright is credited as designing some other amazing structures in California, including homes and buildings in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

Another fun tidbit is that Wright’s son, Lloyd Wright, designed the luxurious Oasis Hotel in Palm Springs as well as several other structures throughout the surrounding desert.

Where do the rich and famous live in Palm Springs?

Leonardo DiCaprio, perhaps best known for his role in The Titanic, owns a midcentury home in Palm Springs. When he is not living at the house, the six-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom home that features a huge kitchen, fireplaces, a tennis court, and a heated pool and spa can be rented out starting at $3,750 per night.

Photo courtesy 432Hermosa.com

Australian singer-songwriter Sia purchased the so-called Fontanelle property in Palm Springs and has said in interviews that the purchase was made for the home to be a haven for acquaintances struggling with addictions and other psychological hardships. In 2014, she married her former husband, Erik Anders Lang, at the property, though she kept the details of the event quite private.

Convicted fraudster and former Full House actress Lori Loughlin purchased a $13 million home in the Madison Club community after completing her court-mandated sentence. The home has five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms spanning across 9,300 square feet. Of course, the living room is spacious and the views outside are absolutely incredible.

Other big names who have lived in or frequented Palm Springs include Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Barry Manilow, Elvis Presley, Debbie Reynolds, Anne Rice, and Marilyn Monroe. If you want to check out celebrity homes easily, learn more about our Celebrity Homes Tour.

Which Kardashians have homes in Palm Springs?

Does Kim Kardashian have a home in Palm Springs? In short, the answer is yes. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian along with their mother and sister, Kris and Kylie Jenner, have homes in the area. Kylie’s home is 15,500 square feet of luxury featuring five bedrooms and six bathrooms. She purchased the property for $3.25 million and it sits right next to Kris Jenner’s 14,500 square feet home, which Kris bought for $12 million in 2018.

In 2021, Kourtney Kardashian also invested in the Palm Springs area, dropping $12 million on a fabulous six-bedroom home in the La Quinta neighborhood that features a large pool and stunning mountain views. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian purchased a plot of land near Kylie’s house for $6.3 million in 2020 and has hired Tadao Ando to build a home that she has stated will be “concrete, gray-toned, and really zen.”

While the Kardashian home is in a highly secure and gated community that is not accessible to the public, Modern Tours Palm Springs offers the Celebrity MEGA Tour, which has 17 of the most fun, famous and beautiful celebrity homes in Palm Springs.

What is the most iconic home in Palm Springs? 


Kaufmann House

The Kaufmann Desert House is possibly one of the most influential pieces of architecture to ever be built, and undoubtedly is the most iconic home in Palm Springs. Edgar J. Kaufmann, who ran the now-defunct Kaufmann’s Department Store (acquired by Macy’s in 2006), asked architect Richard Neutra to build him an amazing desert-themed home in Palm Springs in 1946. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom house was built with glass, steel, and Utah stone and truly does look like a desert oasis. The house is thought of as the first to perfectly define the mid-century modern style that can be found throughout the area, and the Palm Springs City Council designated this home a Class 1 Historic Site in 1996. See the Kaufmann House and 9 more of the MOST iconic architectural sites in Palm Springs on the Top 10 Tour from Modern Tours Palm Springs.

Where do celebrities hang out in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs has been a cool celebrity hang out for many decades, but there are some hotspots that are special to them.

Firstly, The Parker Palm Springs is frequented by celebs, especially around the annual Film Festival. Spanning across 13 acres, the interior of the property was designed by Jonathan Adler and a building on the back of the sprawling grounds used to be home to actor Gene Autry. There are 12 luxurious villas that travelers stay at, but there are also places to dine there such as outdoor eatery Norma’s, fine dining Mister Parker’s, and a wine bar named Counter Reformation. There are also a spa and a fitness center that celebrities make use of while staying in the area.

Parker Hotel

The Ace Hotel is another popular lodging choice for celebrities, as it features 179 rooms and has some of the most unique designs and decor of any hotel in the area. Celebrities who have dogs often choose the Ace Hotel, as the vibe is relaxed and its suites are dog-friendly. The Feel Good Spa, which is located on the premises, is a popular place for celebs to relax and get the ultimate spa experience.

The Saguaro Palm Springs features poolside daybeds and cabanas where celebrities hang out while enjoying the amazing Palm Springs weather. The on-site El Jefe Restaurant and the El Jefe Desert Cantina are popular spots for celebrities to grab a bite to eat, too.

One of the newer hotspots on the scene is the Arrive Palm Springs. This boutique hotel typically attracts younger celebrities and features 32 rooms that give off the modernist vibe. Amenities include a large pool, cabanas, bocce ball, fire pits, and a large spa. Celebrities also enjoy the Pool at Arrive Restaurant, the Cartel Coffee Lab, and the delicious Ice Cream Shoppe.

Additional eateries you may have a chance at seeing famous people at include Spencer’s Restaurant, Le Vallauris Restaurant, and Melvyn’s Restaurant & Lounge.