Stay in the King of Cool's former home

A mid-century dream

Visit or stay at Steve McQueen’s House

Terrence Stephen McQueen was better known as Steve McQueen and he earned the nickname the “King of Cool,” since he was one of the most famous men in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Like many Hollywood actors of the midcentury era, McQueen’s found solace in getting away to Palm Springs. He owned two homes in the city, but his home in the Racquet Club Estates neighbourhood was his first.

McQueen shared the home with his wife Neile and his young daughter. As a getaway home for three, the house is compact, with living space of about 1,500 square feet – tiny compared to some other celebrity homes. The house was originally built in 1960 by Dan Palmer and William Krisel of the infamous Alexander Construction Co., which created some of the most well-known homes and commercial buildings in the Palm Desert region. The home has no wall around it, and it’s not gated, which may help explain why McQueen traded this rather accessible vacation getaway for a home high up in the Palm Springs hills in the gated community of Southridge.

The house has three bedrooms and a bunk room, three bathrooms, and a large living room with a prominent fireplace. The home is quite simple and unadorned, which is a trademark of mid-century architecture, but you could also imagine it helped McQueen to unwind, study for new roles, or to inspire him to relax. In fact, one of the most famous photos of Steve McQueen features him sitting on a sofa, pointing a gun. That famous photo was taken inside this Palm Springs home by LIFE Magazine photographer John Dominis.

With huge floor to ceiling windows, the expansive yard flows into the home, creating harmony with the outdoors and a vibrant indoor-outdoor living space. Amazingly, the original backyard furniture is still in use, as it McQueen’s heavy bag where he boxed.

The exterior of the home is made of very unique, grayish-white stucco that is in stark contrast to the typical Spanish colonial and modern styles of other homes in the neighborhood. Since McQueen was quite a character – literally and figuratively – the massive, deep pool in the backyard was built in the shape of Mickey Mouse‘s head.

Steve McQueen made over 20 films during his career and he was immensely popular and a de-facto Hollywood hunk.

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