There's still lots to see and do in Palm Springs

Considering heading to Palm Springs, but not sure what you can do, and do safely? There's lots to see and do even in a pandemic!

How we survived Palm Springs during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly come with a lot of challenges, including boredom for many people. If you’re in the Palm Springs, California area, though, there are plenty of things you can do to entertain yourself despite having to be socially distant from other people.

What to do in Palm Springs during the Pandemic: Biking, Hiking & Outdoors

Being cooped up in the house for countless days is no fun, so taking a bike ride is always a great way to get out. Several companies rent out bikes, normally by the hour or day, and some even offer cool new electric bikes. You can find plenty of maps and routes for free on the internet, but you may not even need one seeing as Palm Springs is generally just exquisite and you can’t take a “wrong” turn while exploring the area.

There are also countless parks and outdoor recreation areas you can go to. Joshua Tree National Park is just one example and has re-opened its campsites and entrances. Although some of the bathroom facilities are still closed, others are open. Of course, it is recommended you only stay with the people you are visiting with, but the park is very large so that should not be a problem.

Hiking is a huge hit in the Palm Springs area, as there are plenty of trails for all experience levels. For example, the Andreas Canyon Trail is perfect for newbies and kids, as it is only about a mile loop and has many different areas of shade where you can sit and rest if you need to. The McCallum Trail is another easy trail, whereas the Homestead Trailhead is a bit more challenging but also provides some of the best views you can find in the area. If you are wanting to go for a hike, you can undoubtedly find one that suits your needs.

Another great place to go, especially if you have kids, is The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This 80-acre attraction is home to exotic plants as well as plenty of animals to be seen. It has put safety protocols in place to ensure social distancing and minimize the size of the crowds. If you’re willing to drive about 20 minutes from the heart of Palm Springs, the Cabazon Outdoor Dinosaur Tour is open for business and features life-size dinosaurs and an excellent ice cream  truck.

See the sights, socially distanced, of course

If you love celebrities and are wanting to take a tour, you can get an app through the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce that will take you through the Walk of Stars so you can locate and “ooh” and “aah” at the famous names along the path. The Van Buren Drive-In Theater is also open and continues to offer all kinds of movies from different genres.

Things to do: Take a safe self-driving guided tour with Modern Tours Palm Springs

Another great idea is to take a driving tour. These are undeniably a great way to get out of the house during the pandemic, as you’ll be in your own vehicle without any other strangers and tourists. Also, you are able to stop at certain places to explore the sights if you wish.

There are several different driving tours to choose from, and they all include an audio tour and guided directions plus photos of each stop. Depending on which tour you choose, you may see a lot of famous Palm Springs architecture, as in the Modernism Top 10 Tour or Celebrity  Homes Tour. If you book a tour with Modern Tours Palm Springs, you’ll even have options to do a “Selfie” tour and a “Door” tour. The tours are done on your smartphone so you can take one any time!

The Palm Springs Self-Driving Windmill Tours are also an awesome way to spend an hour and a half, as they provide thorough information regarding “non-operating wind turbines of successes and failures, along with a stop to a real generating wind turbine where you can get up close and take pictures.” This can be another educational experience, as you will also see a solar farm and a now-defunct gas plant.

The Palm Springs Outdoor Farmer’s Market is scheduled to open in October on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM in the parking lot at 2300 E. Baristo Road. Plenty of vendors come together (yet stay 6+ feet apart) to sell foods as well as specialty goods and homemade items. You can find many locally sourced goods such as locally-made silverware as well as random goods such as dog food.

Overall, the pandemic doesn’t have to prohibit you from having a good time in Palm Springs! There is so much to do that is socially distant, and many of them are even free, so get outside and enjoy the summer as it turns into Fall!