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Modern Homes & Buildings 101

Estimated Tour Duration

90 - 120 Minutes

Park Imperial South 7

About This Tour

Take a trip back in time and explore architectural modernism as defined by some of the most definitive architects of the day.

This self-driving tour (you will need your own car, vehicle, or bicycle) takes you on a trip around Palm Springs and showcases hidden modernist gems and opulent midcentury masterpieces. This tour features an audio tour guide with interactive real-time mapping and directions that guide you from stop to stop, plus many photos of interiors and exteriors, so you’re fully able to appreciate Palm Springs modernism—at your own pace.

This popular 90-minute self-guided multimedia tour encompasses plenty of famous iconic buildings and lots of hidden gems that capture the essence of desert modernism! We won’t hit on some of the more common buildings on this tour; these are some of the lesser known, but architecturally important spots. (Want to see the best of the best of modernism in Palm Springs? Check out our new Top 10 Iconic Buildings Tour that’s just launched.)


All of our audio tours are self-guided, which means you can set the pace yourself. We invite you to pause the tour whenever you want to stop and take a look around at the beauty that surrounds you.